• Foldable Shopping Trolley Large Cart
  • can put spitz in it
  • exposed hidden cover
  • Hidden Cover
  • fold side
  • phone size
  • open side
  • Back view
  • front view
  • arm good material

Foldable Shopping Trolley Large Cart (New Design With Hidden Cover) 50L

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Kept losing your cover or forgot to bring your cover out with your trolley?

This amazing high-quality trolley has a hidden compartment where we can keep the cover, and we won't have to worry about losing the cover or missing out on the cover when we bring the shopping trolley cart out.

What we love about this shopping trolley:

  1. The hidden cover compartment! (We always forget where we place the cover for those cheaper shopping trolley carts, and in the end, we do not have the cover when we bring it out)
  2. The high-quality PP body material and the metal arm are so durable you won't worry they will spoil easily.
  3. It is large enough to even place a Japanese Spitz in it   
  4. The wheel is big enough to prevent it from sticking in between lift gaps or drain cover holes (Imagine having a full load, and you have to pull the trolley up to avoid those gaps)
  5. Easy to control in 360-degree rotation even with a full load and good stopper that prevents rolling off on a slope
  6. After folding, it is the same width as my phone!
  7. We can place the shopping basket on top of the cover and open the cover to place paid products in the cart at the cashier! (Smooth shopping experience!)
  8. No longer need to pay $ for plastic at the supermarket and some retail stores (Can save $$ and save the earth to reduce plastic waste!)
  9. There is no need to carry bags and plastic bags during shopping until arm pain, palm pain everywhere pain from the pressure from the plastic bag handle.

Opening Size: 43cm * 38cm * 49cm

Height: 103cm

Folding Size: 43cm * 9.5cm * 49cm

Recommended full load weight in the trolley: 45kg

Note: We have tested multiple different trolley carts, and 2 of them with the same 360-degree rotatable wheels broke after using them for less than 3 months! This version we selected is the only 1 that lasted more than 6 months and is still in good condition even when we kept loading full load during shopping and testing!

We will give more than 5 stars out of 5 stars if possible!