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(For Furry Friends) Pump Pump Floor Cleaner Travel Size 100ml

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Is your furkid eating food off the floor? Are you worried that he/she might be ingesting harmful chemicals?

This revolutionary, chemical free floor cleaner is made just for you!

Using Japanese technology that removes 99.9% bacteria, germs and viruses without chemicals, alcohol or surfactants. Pump Pump Floor Cleaner is 100% safe for babies and pets.

^Made with 100% safe and natural ingredient
^Rinse free
^Disinfect surfaces
^Removes stains effectively
^Quick drying
^Environmental friendly

Highly recommended for pets with sensitive skin.

Choose natural ingredients over chemical-based products for your pet, family and environment!

Try this before you commit to the actual size!
Volume: 100ml travel size

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight
Best before 24 months after opening

Mix 50ml (half a bottle of Pump Pump Floor Cleaner Travel size) with every 1000ml of water
Mop and leave to dry, no-rinse needed

Suitable for all types of floor surfaces

For stubborn stains:
Do not dilute, apply directly on to the surface and wipe with a cloth