The Impact Of The Rainy Season On Your Pet's Skin

The Impact Of The Rainy Season On Your Pet's Skin

During the rainy season, pet owners should be mindful of potential skin issues that can arise for their pets. The change in weather can bring about challenges that go beyond the common "wet dog" smell. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it starts raining heavily.

1. Keep Fur Dry
Moist fur provides a favorable environment for the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi. After your dog's outdoor activities such as walks or playtime, it is important to dry them off. If your pet requires a bath, we suggest ensuring thorough drying, including the use of a blow dryer if needed, particularly for pets with long hair.

2. Keep Paws Clean
Pets' paws come into contact with various unsanitary substances on the ground. To prevent infections, it is important to clean and dry their paws after walks. Additionally, it is advisable to maintain short and tidy fur around the paw area, particularly for breeds with fur growth between and around the "toes."

3. Keep Ears Dry
Certain dog breeds, particularly those with droopy or closed ears, are susceptible to infections caused by moisture and humidity. It is crucial to ensure that their ears are thoroughly dried inside after walks and baths. However, it is important to handle the cleaning process with care, as their ears are highly sensitive.

4. Keep Beds Clean & Dry

Just like you wouldn't want to sleep on a wet bed, it is important to ensure the same for your pet. Although they may get their bed dirty during playtime, it is essential to keep their beds clean to prevent the growth of bacteria that could potentially affect your pet's health.

5. Watch Your Pets' Behaviour
If your pet is frequently licking and scratching a specific area or if certain parts of its body, such as the ears or paws, have an unpleasant odor, it could indicate an infection that is causing discomfort. It is advisable to seek guidance from your veterinarian in such cases.

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