6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

This article was written in October 2019, when the brand started.

Pets are susceptible to various conditions and diseases that various environmental factors can cause. As fellow pet owners, we understand how heartbreaking it is to see our pets suffer even the slightest discomfort. 

To ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy all day long, For Furry Friends has formulated a quick-acting pet disinfectant spray, P.A.W.S (Pet’s Activated Water Sanitiser), that meets almost all your pet hygiene needs without any chemicals, alcohol, toxins, and surfactants! 

Here are 6 common issues every pet owner faces that P.A.W.S is uniquely equipped to tackle: 


1. After-play care

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

Pets can come into contact with many pathogens, irritants, and allergens when they play outside. Without cleaning their paws, your furkids are more likely to contract all sorts of diseases. 

P.A.W.S acts as an excellent disinfectant by killing 99.9% of bacteria and even helps loosen up dirt that might be stuck on your furkids’ paws, fur and body for easy cleaning. Even better, you can use it to clean your pets’ toys regularly to free them from dirt, germs, and microorganisms.

*Update from 2024: We now have a Toy & Fabric Cleaner to wash their soft toys, collars, harnesses and clothing and a Pet Dish Foam to wash their plastic chew and puzzle toys.


2. Keeping your pet clean

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

Pets might not always clean up after themselves, which may result in them being dirty and smelly after answering the call of nature. P.A.W.S. is a great product for wiping your animals down as it removes your pets’ odour and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to protect your precious critter against possible infections. 

*Update from 2024: It has recently been raining daily for a couple of months since the end of 2023; For Furry Friends' P.A.W.S Spray has helped many furkids solve their fungal and bacteria infection problems caused by the rainy and humid weather.


3. Ear care

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

The build-up of ear wax can cause your pet to get painful ear infections, but cleaning their ears is a delicate task to avoid injuring them. To easily remove excess ear wax and dirt, spray P.A.W.S. on a cotton ball and wipe gently. P.A.W.S will help to soften the grim considerably! 

*Update from 2024: Now For Furry Friends has an Ear Cleaner to gently clean our furry friends' inner and outer ears.


4. Combat fungal/yeast infections

It is not uncommon for pets to contract fungal or yeast infections. If your pet already has one, bathing it might not be in its best interests because these infections thrive in damp conditions, and you might not be able to dry off your pet immediately. Instead, P.A.W.S., with its anti-bacterial and skin-relieving properties, can keep your pet clean and smelling fresh and aid recovery without aggravating your furry friend’s condition! 


5. Dealing with sensitive skin

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

A human-grade product made with cutting-edge Japanese technology, P.A.W.S. contains no trace of chemicals, alcohols, toxins, or surfactants. Suitable for all pets, including kittens, puppies, hamsters, rabbits, and more, this means that P.A.W.S. is also friendly for pets with sensitive skin to use without side effects such as skin irritation and rashes! 


6. Cleaning up accidents

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

Living with animals means that saliva and urine stains may be commonplace in your household, but that doesn’t mean you must be resigned to it. P.A.W.S’ unique formula also removes these unsightly and sometimes smelly stains, dissuading your pets from relieving themselves on your furniture in the future.

"The image below features our first-generation P.A.W.S, which was launched in 2019."

For Furry Friends: 6 Common Pet Issues That P.A.W.S Tackles

An easy-to-use and well-rounded product perfect for busy pet owners who don’t have the time to clean their pets and their homes the conventional way thoroughly, P.A.W.S does not require any rinsing off and can be sprayed onto your pet or furniture and wiped off in less than a minute. 

From relieving skin irritation and helping skin rash recovery to eliminating bacteria, dirt, and odour, contact us to learn how P.A.W.S. can help you and your pet live fuss-free and healthy!   


This article was written for For Furry Friends by Clubpets in 2019.

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