Our Background

Our Background

About Us

Dan Luo, a pet lover suffering from eczema, faced difficulties showering with his pets due to the harsh chemicals in commercial pet care products.

This led him to leave a comfortable job to start a new business with his wife, Krystal, selling all-natural pet care and cleaning products.

The Fervent Search

Dan and Krystal embarked on a search for natural pet care solutions but found that such products were not readily available in 2019. 

Recognizing a market gap, Dan saw an opportunity to provide alternative treatments for pet owners whose pets had skincare issues, were sensitive to certain chemicals or ingredients and wished to try natural solutions before proceeding to the medical options. 

They aimed to create products that would be gentle on pets and pet owners with eczema and other skin conditions that can not only solve the problems but can even tackle the problems' root causes.

The End and the Start

Motivated by their passion and love for pets, Dan and Krystal made the courageous decision to establish For Furry Friends, a business specializing in all-natural pet care and cleaning products.

Despite the uncertainty and potential challenges, Dan left a secure job with promising career prospects to fully commit himself to the venture, and the furkids are still out there waiting to solve their problems.

Their journey has been a labour of love, driven by their desire to assist others facing difficulties with their beloved pets.

The Struggles

Despite their lack of experience, Dan and Krystal faced numerous rejections from pet retailers when entering the industry.

As their own funds depleted after eight months, they had to rely on borrowing from relatives and friends without a backup plan.

The fear of bankruptcy motivated them to persevere, driven by the desire to provide for their two young children and three furkids.

The Rise

When the pandemic hit, and pet grooming places and stores closed due to Singapore's "circuit breaker" measures, Dan and Krystal adapted their business.

They transformed For Furry Friends into a digital platform, expanding their reach to both B2B and B2C consumers.

This allowed them to serve Singaporeans who couldn't leave the house or country to purchase pet supplies. 

Their online presence quickly gained traction, and within a month, they developed a dedicated following.

Within less than a year since their official launch, For Furry Friends products are now available in over 50 physical retail locations, 30 online pet stores, and popular e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

The company has experienced consistent monthly revenue growth of 5 to 8 per cent in the local market alone.

Article was written by theindependent.sg in December 2021